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September 2018 Newsletter
Fall is the season for new beginnings in schools and it’s also the season to harvest the rewards of all the hard work that came before.  At Eaton Arrowsmith we are blessed each fall to bear witness to all of this. We have welcomed our new students who are just starting their journey of cognitive change, making new friends, learning their Arrowsmith exercises, and we have also welcomed back our returning students who have made incredible leaps in their abilities to read, socialize, focus, succeed in math, and organize themselves.  Our returning students come back to school refreshed and excited to see their friends and their teachers.  It’s an incredible energy to be a part of as students as young as 6 and as old as 75 return to dedicate themselves to their own growth, improving the quality of their lives, and liberating themselves from their learning challenges.   
If you are interested in bringing in free professional development into your workplace or organization on the topics such as education and neuroplasticity, cognitive functions that underpin academic and social success, aging and the brain, or the Arrowsmith Program please reach out to book your session today! 
So, happy new year to you all!  I hope that all your hard work from this past year brings you a harvest time of joy and meaning the way it does for our students here at Eaton Arrowsmith. 


Sarah Cohen 
Head of Schools
Eaton Arrowsmith
It's never too late to become the person you were meant to be.
We work with adults too!
Many people do not realize that Eaton Arrowsmith has the good fortune of working with adults as well as school aged children. Our Eaton Arrowsmith Adults program (formerly known as Eaton Cognitive Improvement Centre) is located right next to our school at EA Vancouver, on the UBC campus. We also have an EA Adults program at our school in Redmond, Washington, and can accept adults at EA White Rock! It really is never too late to strengthen your brain, and unlock your potential. Check out Vishal and Alexa's stories regarding their experiences with the EA Adults program! 
Summer Cognitive Intensive Program Recap
This past summer Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver and Redmond had the true pleasure of working with over 60 students, aged 10 to adulthood, as they strengthened their ability to reason and process information quickly in the Summer Cognitive Intensive Program by engaging in Arrowsmith Program's Symbol Relations (Clocks) exercise. Strength in these brain networks positively impact not only academic performance in areas such as reading, math and writing, but result in smoother, stronger social relationships. Some of these students also participated in a research study with the University of British Columbia, which will examine the effects of the Symbol Relations exercise on functional and physical brain change, working memory and academic performance.
We recently received an update from the mother of wonderful Tallulah, EA Vancouver student. Tallulah has just completed her second year in our summer program, traveling each year from New Zealand to join us!  "2018 was the second time we travelled from New Zealand to Canada for Tallulah to spend 6 weeks full time at Eaton Arrowsmith. She had benefited hugely in 2017 so we juggled family life and work to make the return journey. Yet again we have returned to New Zealand with noticeable changes in Tallulah. She receives some one to one support in learning areas at school and those who work with her have also noticed changes. Tallulah is a much happier, more positive student. There is a significant improvement in levels of engagement and concentration. Tallulah seems to have more common sense than previously. She has always been independent but now she is wanting to achieve things entirely on her own. She is so much happier. 

Whilst in Vancouver Tallulah was reunited with friends from the previous year as well as making new friends. Having friends is so important to us all and contributes so significantly to well being. These friendships are maintained and Tallulah is in regular contact with friends from all over the world! Undoubtedly the Clocks exercises have mostly contributed to improvements in Tallulah's cognitive development. The culture of Eaton Arrowsmith which includes an emphasis on growth mindset, sleep, exercise and nutrition are also contributing factors. The staff at Eaton Arrowsmith are wonderful. They form very special relationships with the students and are caring and supportive. They are available to address any issues parents or students wish to discuss.
Registration for our Summer 2019 session (July 2nd to August 9th 2019) begins in January! Stay tuned for more information.

We are very proud of our students and the amazing, life changing work that they are doing each and every day. If you're interested in learning more about Eaton Arrowsmith School, Eaton Arrowsmith Adults and Magnussen School a school tour is a great place to start! Our tours are always interactive in nature - you'll have the opportunity to speak with our teachers and students AND try your hand at the Arrowsmith Program exercises! We've got upcoming tours at all of our locations.  Register here.  As always, we are happy to meet with you on an individual basis should you prefer!  Email
At Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver and White Rock we are fortunate to work alongside Jennifer Muller, Tomatis Method practitioner, and Jill Schmelke, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Nourishme.  Both Jennifer and Jill have some exciting news to share this month!
Jennifer:  Here's an update I've recently received from the mother of one of my Tomatis clients, whose son attended Eaton Arrowsmith as well! "I would  say he is much more engaged in what is going on around him and it seems that his internal beat and drive to do the things he likes is coming more into the forefront.  He is also expressing himself more and I am very happy about this.  I do think finally he is having opinions but also happy to listen to others express theirs.  I think in reality his communication skills are improving and he is gaining more confidence in reading and comprehension. Great to see."
Jill: Do you want to burn fat, increase your energy, stabilize your blood sugar and feel good?
My Keto Cleanse, coming up in October, will help you do all that and more! Plus, here's a great recipe for soothing homemade cough syrup!
In the spotlight: compassion counts at EA Vancouver! 
Whistler class  at EA Vancouver has worked hard in September to learn about being more compassionate people.  We have learned about how “the same” and “different” we are, and that we can be compassionate and understanding of others who we may not feel are “like us” because we are all human beings.  We made “compassion croissants” with tiny messages of gratitude for our families and for all the teachers and staff at our school to let them know we are so happy to be here at EA.
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