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May 2019 Newsletter
June is upon us at the school year is weeks away from completion!  This month at our Vancouver site of Eaton Arrowsmith our theme is Respect.  I have always found that this was a challenging thing for students with learning challenges to understand.  It can be abstract to think about, and many children who struggle with reading nonverbal information often fear the word.  They have been accused of being “disrespectful” many times over the years because they misread facial expressions, body language, or social cues.  When you had no harm in your heart and then adults are angry with you and say you were disrespectful, it can be confusing and scary.  So what is respect?
We often use the word respect to mean a demonstration towards another person when we consider them, their words, and their actions to be held in high esteem.  This form of respect of is important.  But something I think is just as important and less often understood is that respect means showing care, concern, or consideration for someone’s needs or feelings.  When we think of respect in this way, it means we are present and considering the person in front of us.  In Arrowsmith language, we are using our Non-Verbal Thinking (R-Think) capacities.  We are paying attention to someone, considering all of the information we have, and considering what their experience is.  Even people whose actions we don’t like are deserving of this kind of respect.  Who among us doesn’t want to be treated with respect in this way?
In our era of “MeToo” respecting the needs and feelings of others and growing our ability to read people’s faces and body language is more important than ever.  In the work place lacking this capacity for respect has profound impacts to businesses and income as well.  Christine Porath, Associate Professor at Georgetown University, gave a very popular
TED Talk last year on this very topic.  Luckily for us at Eaton Arrowsmith School, this is something almost all of our students get the chance to grow this ability with daily stimulation of their nonverbal thinking.  Our students are growing their capacity to offer respect to themselves and everyone around them, and this will benefit them in their personal and professional lives.
So this June, as you, your child or someone you know enter the school year's last few weeks of incredibly hard work, I invite you to pay renewed attention to respecting yourself and those around you.  People are always letting us know what they need through their words and actions, and we can all make life more wonderful by tending to our needs and those of the people around us. If doing so does not come naturally for you or someone you know, our
part time programs may be the beginning of a shift in this area of life. We're always here to help!

Sarah Cohen
Head of Schools
Eaton Arrowsmith

PS We've just received an update from one of our very first EA alumni students, Ashara.  I thought I'd share it here: "EA changed my life. The struggle of regular school before EA caused me so much anxiety and depression. EA instilled confidence in me and “fixed” my brain so that when I transitioned back to doing mainstream schoolwork to graduate I could finally actually retain what I was being taught. Also went from getting straight C- report cards to A’s. Enrolling me at Eaton Arrowsmith was one of the best things my parents ever did for me. Forever grateful."
Barbara Arrowsmith Young Receives the 
OISE Innovation Award
Our friends at Arrowsmith Program in Toronto sent us this wonderful news!

"On May 30, 2019, Barbara Arrowsmith Young was recognized by the alumni association of the Ontario Institute for Studies In Education (OISE), University of Toronto for her innovation in the field of Education. This award is presented to an OISE alumni who has fostered novel ideas, approaches and solutions in their field. The award was presented by Glen A. Jones, Professor and the Dean of OISE. In his words of congratulations, he stated “I am extremely pleased to see your commitment and contributions recognized in this important way.”

For 40 years, Barbara has been doing this innovative work - transforming lives of individuals with learning disabilities. Her work is now spread across the globe. With her trademark grace and humour, Barbara accepted this award and those of us fortunate to attend were again reminded of her remarkable accomplishments, as she stood so rightly amongst leaders, great minds, and life changers. Barbara herself shared that the evening reinforced to her the importance of community, of collaboration, of hope. A wonderful tribute for all the hard work Barbara does. Her accomplishments are remarkable. We are all so proud of her. Congratulations Barbara!"
Final Spaces Available for the
Summer Cognitive Intensive Program at Eaton Arrowsmith
Spaces are filling up quickly at all three locations of the Summer Cognitive Intensive Program at Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver, White Rock and Redmond.  In fact, our Redmond summer program is already full with a waitlist!
Interested in securing a space at either the Vancouver or White Rock location in order to receive a year's worth of exposure to the Arrowsmith Program's Symbol Relations (Clocks) exercise in six weeks?  We are also accepting students for the waitlist at Eaton Arrowsmith Redmond.
Date: July 2nd, 2019 - August 9th, 2019
*no class July 4th - Redmond location
*no class August 5th - Vancouver and White Rock locations

Time: Monday to Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Ages: 10 years old - adult
*students must be able to commit to the full six week program due to the intensive nature of this course
Tuition: $6950 after May 31st
If you are interested in having an assessment of fit conversation to see if you or someone you know would be eligible for this program, please contact us at, call us at 604-264-8327 (Vancouver and White Rock locations), 425-861-8327 (Redmond location) or reply to this email.
Let's make this summer the beginning of an incredible journey.  It's never too late to become the person you were meant to be!

Read about some of the changes our students experience after their Summer Cognitive Intensive Program with us!

"Decision making used to be excruciating for her. We would be in a store for hours. Too many choices would usually result in tears. The other day we were in and out of a store in 20 minutes - purchase in hand!"
"Usually buying clothes would be overwhelming - how to choose! She went into the change room the other day and came out with a yes pile, a no pile and a maybe pile. She asked us how many of the yes pile she could buy, knowing that she couldn't buy all of the clothes. We were shocked!"
"He was excited to buy materials for a project, but then stopped and thought about how much time we had left in Vancouver and realized there wasn't enough time to complete the project before we left so it wasn't wise to buy the materials at this time. We've never seen this kind of foresight before!"
"She's starting to question our requests. Before she would just comply with whatever we asked without question. While this made parenting easy, we worried about her ability to go out into the world independently."
"My reading comprehension has improved."
"She is participating more in conversations and is engaging more with friends. It used to take her much longer to process information, so she would hang back."
The Brain Pioneer is a Finalist!
More kudos to Howard Eaton, whose book “The Brain Pioneer” is a Finalist in the 13th Annual National Indie Excellence Book Awards! "Your book truly embodies the excellence that this award was created to celebrate, and we salute you and your fine work." - National Indie Excellence Awards.  The Brain Pioneer has already won the Mom's Choice Award!  Congratulations!
Brain Corner
Realms of Intelligence - A Neurodevelopmental Perspective
by Bette Lamont
Our Eaton Arrowsmith Redmond community have been fortunate to have met Bette Lamont, Counselor, who has shared with them the concept of Neurological Reorganization Therapy.
Bette writes, "A brain-based education is the only real option for our children struggling with academic, social, emotional and physical challenges, because these challenges speak of a central cause of their sometimes, complex issues. In virtually all cases the best approach to a central problem is a central solution, addressing the brain itself.
The cortex, our powerful learning center, our source of coordination, art, communication and adult living skills, is the peak achievement of the human brain. It is a brain supported by underlying drivers, levels of the brain that are no more under our control than our ability to control the growth of our toenails! Yet that is the brain that often interferes with the full expression of our cortical brilliance. This is the brain that we are going to explore in this article."