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February 2019 Newsletter
February has been an incredible month not only at our schools but for the entire Arrowsmith community. My colleagues, Rose McLachlan and Sandra Heusel, and I were fortunate to attend the International Neuropsychological Society conference in New York City. During this conference researchers Drs. Lara Boyd, Rachel Weber and Greg Rose presented posters on recently peer reviewed research on the Arrowsmith Program.  That evening, February 21st, Arrowsmith Program hosted an event in order to give the researchers the opportunity to share the results of the research with the general public, who were both present in person or who tuned in via live streaming. If you are interested in receiving a recording of this presentation please click here and it will be sent to you when available. As you will read below, we at Eaton Arrowsmith will be hosting a similar presentation here in Vancouver on March 14th. This presentation will also be live streamed and recorded. All three researchers, along with Barbara Arrowsmith Young, will be in attendance. We hope you can join us, either in person or online!

Another very special event for our Canadian Eaton Arrowsmith Schools and Magnussen School was
Pink Shirt Day. This day is one that recognizes the negative impact of bullying on students and encourages kind, compassionate, positive behaviours towards others. At Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver and Magnussen School our students were asked to express, through a show of hands, how many students in the school had been bullied in past schools.  Nearly three quarters of the hands went up.  They also watched a very impactful video called Opening Doors and Hearts, which sparked great conversations about the impact of our actions. Sadly, struggles with learning are often misunderstood, and our students bear the brunt of that emotional pain.  We are so fortunate to have them here at our schools where they feel safe, heard, nurtured and feel like everyone 'has their back.'  Students at EA White Rock, pictured above, spent part of that day surprising members of the community with flowers as part of their random acts of kindness mission.  Truly heartwarming.

Sarah Cohen
Head of Schools
Eaton Arrowsmith
Upcoming Events

April School Tours:

We are very proud of our students and the amazing, life changing work that they are doing each and every day. If you're interested in learning more about Eaton Arrowsmith School, Eaton Arrowsmith Adults and Magnussen School a school tour is a great place to start! Our tours are always interactive in nature - you'll have the opportunity to speak with our teachers and students AND try your hand at the Arrowsmith Program exercises!

Eaton Arrowsmith White Rock - April 17, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm

Eaton Arrowsmith Redmond - April 23rd, 2019 1:00pm-3:00pm

Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver, Magnussen, Eaton Arrowsmith Adults and Eaton Arrowsmith Redmond will be hosting school tours in May.

If our school tour dates do not work with your schedule, please feel free to
contact us to arrange a time to meet personally!

Other events:

March 14th, 2019, 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, UBC: Research Results presentation in Vancouver - see below for detailed information!

April 23rd 2019, 6:30pm-8:00pm at the HR MacMillan Space Centre: Save the Date! Eaton Arrowsmith and PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs present a screening of Mindset Matters, followed by a panel discussion with Drs. Kim Schonert-Reichl, Lara Boyd and Rachel Weber along with Sarah Cohen, Head of Schools and guests from PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs on the social emotional effects of learning differences and the importance of having a growth mindset for future success. More detail to follow!

Research Presentation in Vancouver, BC - March 14, 2019!
Eaton Arrowsmith and the founder of the Arrowsmith Program, Barbara Arrowsmith Young, are hosting an exciting Arrowsmith Program research update presentation at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Thursday March 14th 2019, 6:30pm-8:30pm PST.  This presentation will be similar to the event held on February 21st 2019 in New York, hosted by the Arrowsmith Program.
Vancouver Event Details:
Date: Thursday, March 14th 2019
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm PST
Venue: Room 3340 Pharmaceutical Sciences Building, University of British Columbia
*Can't make it to the event in person? The presentation will be live streamed and available for viewing immediately afterwards.  An access link will be sent out to our community via email a week before the event.
REGISTER to attend in person:
*Please only sign up via Eventbrite if you intend to attend the event in person, as space is limited.
What to expect on March 14th 2019, 6:30pm-8:30pm:
Dr. Greg Rose from Southern Illinois University, and Drs. Lara Boyd and Rachel Weber, both from University of British Columbia, will present their latest research about the Arrowsmith Program and its effectiveness. All three academic leaders are currently undertaking research projects into various aspects of the Arrowsmith Program and its outcomes, and this presentation will focus on the following aspects of their work:
* Behaviour relationships in children with learning disabilities – Dr Lara Boyd
* Benefits of Arrowsmith Training on Brain Connectivity and Neuropsychological Measures – Dr Greg Rose
* Neurocognitive and Behavioural Outcomes of the Arrowsmith Program – Dr Rachel Weber
Registration for the Arrowsmith Summer Cognitive Intensive Program is NOW OPEN at all Eaton Arrowsmith Schools
Early Bird Deadline is March 1st - tomorrow!
Registration for the very popular, independently researched, Arrowsmith Summer Cognitive Intensive Program, with locations at all of our Eaton Arrowsmith Schools - Vancouver, White Rock (BC, Canada) and Redmond, Washington (USA) is now open! Spaces do fill quickly so please consider registering early!
Date: July 2nd, 2019 - August 9th, 2019
*no class July 4th - Redmond location
*no class August 5th - Vancouver and White Rock locations
Time: Monday to Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Ages: 10 years old - adult

Tuition: Save $250 by registering before March 1st 2019 ($6450 vs $6700).
*students must be able to commit to the full six week program due to the intensive nature of this course

If you are interested in having an assessment of fit conversation to see if you or someone you know would be eligible for this program, please contact us at, call us at 604-264-8327 (Vancouver and White Rock locations), 425-861-8327 (Redmond location) or reply to this email.
Click on our flyer for more information!
Alumni Update from an EA and Magnussen School Pioneer
"Cy was one of the very first students at the Eaton Arrowsmith Program in Vancouver, attending from age 6 years of age. We had moved from Prince George in BC’s interior because we believed this would change his life for the better. We were not wrong! Prior to our move, Cy had become quiet and subdued even stressed as he started traditional school. As parents we knew that something was wrong as he struggled with simple learning tasks. Teachers were labelling him as a “typical” slow learning boy, and an occupational therapist even labelled him as having behaviour problems.  We knew at heart that Cy would never succeed staying in the traditional school environment where his learning challenges were being accommodated, but not targeted and strengthened.

Cy flourished both at Eaton Arrowsmith and at Magnussen School in programs that gave him great confidence through a supportive and accepting learning environment that highlighted the importance of attachment and compassion, as well as celebrating a student's need to belong rather than to fit in. With a lot of very hard work and dedication, and by targeting the brain networks involved with learning and social success, Cy gained the ability he required to move forward. As well, he was a loving, likeable and very sociable boy. He gained acceptance into St George’s School in Vancouver for his high school years and excelled in academics, sports, and the arts. He became involved in drama productions, became a rower that won national accolades, in part due to the confidence and strengths he gained from Eaton Arrowsmith and his supportive family and community. He became his own advocate, understanding where he needed the help most, and not being afraid to reach for it.

After high school graduation from St George’s School, Cy was accepted into many universities and settled on Northeastern University in the heart off Boston. He entered into a global exchange program where his first semester took him to a university in Shanghai, China. There, he learned Mandarin and experienced the culture along with environmental studies. His experience opened his eyes to so much! He headed to Boston after that where he currently lives, now taking computer engineering. He continues to thrive, but not without the hard work and dedication that is required in such a rigorous program.

We attribute so much of Cy’s success both in academics but also personal growth and development to those early years. The community at the heart of Eaton Arrowsmith and Magnussen was a guiding light when we felt like we were in the dark. His time there allowed us as parents to relax and truly enjoy our son without the stressors that can take away from what mattered most; spending quality family time, enjoying each other to the fullest, while nurturing and instilling our strong family values during the most formative years! We are so very thankful."
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