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April 2019 Newsletter

Hello to our Eaton Arrowsmith community,
The theme for the upcoming month at our schools is gratitude, which is both a feeling and expression of appreciation for what you have in life.  Over the past few years there has been a lot research into the benefits of gratitude practices and how it has emotional, cognitive, and health benefits.  It’s a central pillar of many religious and spiritual practices globally.  The reasons are plentiful to have gratitude as an explicit part of our lives.  I particularly enjoy this New York Times article from a few Thanksgivings ago about gratitude, and I get a good laugh from the research that reveals how practicing gratitude increases your weight (the one strike against a gratitude practice).
If all of this isn’t enough to help encourage you to practice or talk of gratitude more at home with your family, think about this;  practicing gratitude can release the hormone dopamine.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps to regulate attention and learning.  The regular practice of gratitude helps students to create the optimal neurotransmitter environment for cognitive change in the Arrowsmith Program.  This is why you see daily gratitude practices and activities in EAS and Magnussen classrooms, and I do hope you are encouraged to try this at home.  Why not try out a gratitude journal practice with your child this May, either with a plain journal or one set up for this, such as the Big Life Journal?  Or check out Common Sense Media for movies and books with gratitude as a theme to watch and read with your children?
I am grateful for you, our EA community, who refuse a future where children are defined by a label of their weaknesses, and are interested in a future where with dedication, hard work, and a fun community, great achievements are always possible.
Here’s to a May full of gratitude for what we have and what can be accomplished here together.
Sarah Cohen
Head of Schools
Eaton Arrowsmith

Upcoming School Tours

May School Tours:

We are very proud of our students and the amazing, life changing work that they are doing each and every day. If you're interested in learning more about Eaton Arrowsmith School and Eaton Arrowsmith Adults a school tour is a great place to start! Our tours are always interactive in nature - you'll have the opportunity to speak with our teachers and students AND try your hand at the Arrowsmith Program exercises!

Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver and Eaton Arrowsmith Adults will be hosting school tours in May.

If our school tour dates do not work with your schedule, please feel free to contact us to arrange a time to meet personally!

Mindset Matters Screening and Panel Discussion
Join us TONIGHT, April 30th 2019, 6:30pm-8:00pm at the HR MacMillan Space Centre as Eaton Arrowsmith and PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs present a screening of Mindset Matters, followed by a panel discussion with Drs. Kim Schonert-Reichl, Lara Boyd and Rachel Weber along with Sarah Cohen, Head of Schools and guests from PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs on the social emotional effects of learning differences and the importance of having a growth mindset for future success. 

Register here for this free event!
Upcoming Radio Interview with Barbara Arrowsmith Young 
May 9th, 2019 9:00am PDT

Hear Barbara Arrowsmith Young, founder of the Arrowsmith Program, on
The Dr. Theresa Nicassio Show on Healthy Life Radio share her story of how she changed her own brain & is now helping countless others around the world who live with learning disabilities do the same using neuroplasticity.
Arrowsmith Program Research Summary
As Norman Doidge wrote in his book, The Brain That Changes Itself, our brain is capable of change over our lifespan (neuroplasticity). The current research on students in the Arrowsmith Program is demonstrating this fact – that the brains of students in the Arrowsmith Program are changing in positive directions and these changes are linked to positive changes in cognition, academic achievement and social/emotional behaviours.
Research findings from studies into the Arrowsmith Program were presented by Dr Greg Rose (Southern Illinois University), Dr Lara Boyd (University of British Columbia) and Dr Rachel Weber (University of British Columbia) in New York in February 2019. Data was collected from students in the Arrowsmith Program in six schools (two in the U.S. and four in Canada). Interested in the research results?  Click
here for a summary and to watch two recent research presentations. 
Registration for the Arrowsmith Summer Cognitive Intensive Program is NOW OPEN at all Eaton Arrowsmith Schools

Registration for the very popular, independently researched, Arrowsmith Summer Cognitive Intensive Program, with locations at all of our Eaton Arrowsmith Schools - Vancouver, White Rock (BC, Canada) and Redmond, Washington (USA) is now open! Spaces are filling very quickly so please consider registering early!
Date: July 2nd, 2019 - August 9th, 2019
*no class July 4th - Redmond location
*no class August 5th - Vancouver and White Rock locations
Time: Monday to Friday, 9:00am-3:00pm
Ages: 10 years old - adult

Tuition: $6700 before May 31 2019
*students must be able to commit to the full six week program due to the intensive nature of this course

If you are interested in having an assessment of fit conversation to see if you or someone you know would be eligible for this program, please contact us at, call us at 604-264-8327 (Vancouver and White Rock locations), 425-861-8327 (Redmond location) or reply to this email.
Click on our flyer for more information!
Administrative Assistants Day!
Guess who has the absolute BEST front office staff on the planet? We do!! Last week we celebrated Administrative Assistants Day with our wonderful Ms. Clarke at EA Vancouver/Magnussen/EA Adults and Miss Lacey at EA Redmond. They are the first faces new families see when they visit us, and we've been told time and time again how welcoming both of these amazing women are, how they put newcombers at ease and make them feel right at home. Our parents and students adore these ladies, and the staff - we'd be lost without both of them! We thank Ms. Clarke and Ms. Lacey from the bottom of our hearts for all they do for and with our community, and hope that they enjoyed their special day!
Written Output Challenges CAN Be Overcome!
We'd thought we'd share the progress that one of our young students, who has been with us only three months out of his three to four year program, has made with his written output. We are so very proud of him, and his parents are thrilled. While he does attend English class each day for 35 minutes, not all of that time is spent on writing. He does spend two hours a day working on an Arrowsmith Program brain exercise called Motor Symbol Sequencing. This cognitive function is responsible for learning motor plans necessary for tracking and producing a sequence of symbols. In other words, when this brain network is strengthened, translating thoughts into words is SO much easier! We see changes in the volume that our students can express - these samples were each completed in 10 minutes, we see changes in word spacing, in complexity of thought, in spelling and in letter size and formation. If you're interested in learning more about Motor Symbol Sequencing, and how it has been applied in whole group settings, click here.
An Update From Our Friends at ABI Wellness

ABI Wellness began their first licensee training last month.  Mark Watson, CEO, noted that, "It is wonderful to see companies in the brain injury cognitive rehabilitation market place receiving training this week at our facility in Burnaby, B.C." The four-pillar approach incorporates BrainEx (Arrowsmith Program), aerobic exercise, mindfulness practice and quality of life tracking as a holistic brain health service and technology data collection platform.  Mark noted, "Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is now reaching those individuals with brain injuries and transforming their lives. It is a honour to bring her work to those needing to improve their quality of life." Recently, one of the largest community health care providers in Canada has begun to discuss their interest in bring this technology platform national.  Promising news ahead for ABI Wellness! 

“As a concussion specialist, I have had the opportunity to witness the transformation of benefits and healing in patients suffering from chronic brain injuries who have participated in the ABI Wellness Program. It is a one of kind, evidence-based approach that provides the structure, support and functional gains patients need to succeed. Although cognitive recovery is the focus the multi-interventional approach provides amazing benefits that extend to physical and psychosocial areas. I highly recommend ABI Wellness to patients and healthcare professionals to improve the functional abilities and quality of life of those affected by acquired brain injuries.”

Dr. Tanya Cabrita, Physiatrist

ABI Wellness continues to look for investors who are interested in social ventures, and want to make a difference in the quality of life of those suffering from brain injuries around the world. If interested contact Howard Eaton, Ed.M., Chair and President at
Brain Corner